Remarkable Women in Transport

Remarkable Women in Transport

To empower Female Change-Makers in the transport sector and change mobility systems to cater to women´s needs, we seek to highlight and support the role of women in sustainable urban mobility. Women may comprise more than half the global population, but in the transport sector, they’re still dramatically under-represented and comprise less than 20% of the global transport workforce. We want to change that! That’s why we’re celebrating the successes and accomplishments of the women who have been working hard to transform transportation.

In four editions of the Remarkable Women series, we’ve already honored 149 women who work in the transportation sector and are transforming transportation globally. Where do these women come from? Let’s have a look:


Find here the publications of the Remarkable Women of the past years. Just browse and get inspired!

4th Edition

The 2022 edition shines a light on outstanding women working towards the electrification of mobility. While this publication is by no means all-encompassing of the thousands of women in electric mobility who make great contributions every day, we hope that these selected few inspire you in 2022.

3rd Edition

In 2020, as the world stood still and transportation came to a halt, women kept moving, acting as a driving force behind many of the structural change’s cities are seeing in mobility today. Take a look how these women have contributed in a special way to the transport sector and are playing a key role in shaping the transformation.

2nd Edition

After receiving such positive on the first edition, we feel delighted and honored to publish the 2nd edition of Remarkable Women in Transport on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2020! This publication showcases the diversity of more than 50 female change makers in transport. As visibility is key to change mindsets, we are proud to present the work of these highly qualified transport experts.

1st Edition

This publication presents the first round in a series of Remarkable Women in Transport. The included women have been suggested by TUMIs partner and by other internationally acknowledged partners. While not aiming at presenting an exhaustive series, we seek to highlight many more interesting women in future editions.

The publication is meant to showcase the diversity of female change makers in transport. From women working for civil society to international initiatives as well as start-ups, policy level, the private sector and research. To make the daily work of women who transform urban mobility more visible, we are proud to present highly qualified women transport experts.