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In May 2018 the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) launched Women Mobilize Women as the first conference to empower women in transport, with 200 female as well as male transport experts gathering in Leipzig, Germany. Today, Women Mobilize Women is a network of female change makers from all over the world, seeking to actively transform the mobility sector to become more diverse. In addition, Women Mobilize Women aims to raise awareness to the topic of gender and transport amongst planners and decision-makers in the transport sector.







Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Be inspired by female experts in transport! We as Women Mobilize Women highlight the potential of sustainable mobility solutions on the ground – by women, for the entire society.

TUMI and Women Mobilize Women are delighted to publish the third annual edition of Remarkable Women in Transport! We are especially grateful to the Remarkable Women in our network and the TUMI Partners for supporting us in identifying women who’ve made extraordinary contributions to transport.
Historically, urban and transport planners have failed to take gender aspects into consideration. A diverse workforce including various perspectives is essential to develop and implement gender-responsive mobility systems. While this publication is by no means all-encompassing of the thousands of women in transport who make great contributions everyday, we hope that these selected few inspire you in 2021.

Just browse and get inspired!



Due to their general disadvantages in transport and a high share in society’s care work, women are especially vulnerable in a situation of pandemic. It is essential to take special actions to protect them from getting infected and from negative impacts following the pandemic. During these troubled times, Women Mobilize Women and TUMI will keep you updated about news and data that specifically affects Women’s Economy and Mobility during a pandemic. Just click and get informed!

Women Mobilize Women Versus Corona!

The COVID-19 Pandemic disrupts our societies and economies worldwide.

These times, we experience gendered differences especially with respects to care responsibilities, practicalities, occupational split and the use of transport. So, we as Women Mobilize Women would like to take this as an opportunity to raise awareness and collect your stories and impressions.

We would like to add a more personal perspective on how women are affected by the pandemic. Please share your impressions, ideas or solutions with us on how you and your city experience this global crisis.

Amanda Ngabirano has shared her story! 

WMW wins the GIZ-internal Gender Award 2020

We feel deeply honoured to receive this year’s GIZ Gender Award for our work towards a gender-sensitive transport sector.

This award really motivates us to continue our engagement.

It shows that Women Mobilize Women truly has an impact on changing the future of mobility.

Check out our 5 Principles Poster to Empower Women in Transport!

5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport

Women face different challenges when it comes to mobility, whether it is inlcusion, safety, accessibility or entering the workforce in the transport sector. How to cater the needs of women in transport?

Check out our 5 Principles Poster to Empower Women in Transport!


Since Women Mobilize Women was launched in Leipzig in May 2018 the idea has spread. So far there have been three Actions:

“You have a sisterhood of others who are working with you!”

Robin Chase, Co-founder of ZipCar


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Forum on the Security and Presence of Women in Public transport

Lima 14-15 March

We announced the Forum on the Security and Presence of Women in Public Transport (14th and 15th of March) held in Lima, Peru. This event, the first of its kind in the country, has been the way in which the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP), with the support of GIZ Sustainable Transport Projects in Peru, have publicly addressed and committed to working towards more secure public transport systems for women and children, as well as making the transport sector more inclusive of women at all levels (operations, management, planning).

And so, the beginnings of articulated work and synergy where established between representatives of the national, regional and local government, civil society and private enterprises. In this way, the forum is a first step towards a safe and inclusive urban transport for women and children.

Finally, we are proud to announce that more than 120 people attended the event each day. And, overall, more than 20,000 people were reached through TUMI’s Twitter and a couple of hundreds of people more, via Facebook.

As part of this Forum, international experts from Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador shared their experiences on protocols and prevention mechanisms against sexual harassment in public transport, which where compared with the local efforts that Peruvian mass transportation operators, such as BRT and the first Metro Line, have developed and are currently implementing. The gaps in the public transport labour market that exist for women in Peru were also discussed, having the successful experience in Chile as an input in this debate. Furthermore, the Women In Motion network, created last year’s Women Mobilize Women event was launched in Peru and received a overwhelming support from local participants, adding over 40 Peruvian women who work in mobility-related matters, the transport sector and/or are considered local experts.

Global Roadmap of action toward sustainable mobility

The Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility got launched on the 23rd of October.

We participated in the gender chapter of it. Please find it here.


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