We empower Women in Transport

In May 2018 the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) launched Women Mobilize Women as the first conference to empower women in transport, with 200 female as well as male transport experts gathering in Leipzig, Germany. Today, Women Mobilize Women is a network of female change makers from all over the world, seeking to actively transform the mobility sector to become more diverse. In addition, Women Mobilize Women aims to raise awareness to the topic of gender and transport amongst planners and decision-makers in the transport sector.

Women Mobilize Women Launched The Forth Edition of Remarkable Women in Transport 2022

Meet the Remarkable Women Electrifying Mobility 2022! We are celebrating the successes and accomplishments of these women who have been working hard to transform transportation. This publication serves to honor them and their work toward decarbonizing transport through e-mobility and support their mentorship of the next women leaders.


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Women Mobilize Women goes electric → Nominations closed for our #ElectricWomen Campaign

We are convinced: Women play a critical role in shaping the zero-emissions mobility transformation. Electrification of transport needs to gain momentum globally in the coming years to decarbonize transport in alignment with the 1.5-degree target. Through the #ElectricWomen campaign, Women Mobilize Women will highlight the role of women in electrifying mobility around the world.

Want to support the campaign? Here’s how!

  • Follow our social media channels, and share & engage with our posts.
  • Keep an eye out for the winners! Winners will be announced on International Women’s Day 2022 (March 8th).

We received a total 81 nominations from women all around the world

How to nominate & FAQ

Who can be nominated?

  • Everyone identifying as a woman
  • Must work in the e-mobility sector or have a relevant connection to it (e.g. as an advocate, journalist, researcher)

How can I nominate someone?

Can I hand in a nomination for myself?

  • Yes, self-nominations are highly welcome.

What should a nomination include?

A nomination should answer the following questions:

  • Who am I nominating?
  • What is the person’s association with electromobility?
  • What outstanding achievements has the nominated person accomplished?

Urban Leaders – Global Program 2021: empowering women through knowledge and mentoring

The Urban Leaders – Global Program 2021: empowering women through knowledge and mentoring is a Leadership Program co-created by Mujeres en Movimiento – Women in Motion (WIM) and WomenMobilizeWomen (WMW). Ensuring women’s participation in the urban workforce, promoting female role models and empowering each other is at the core of the Program. In a combination of knowledge sessions and interactive mentoring this program aims to equip women with the tools, the network and the confidence to pursue their individual path in the transport sector for the long run.

The program was successfully kicked off on 4 October 2021 with 60 remarkable urban leaders participating.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Be inspired by female experts in transport! We as Women Mobilize Women highlight the potential of sustainable mobility solutions on the ground – by women, for the entire society.

TUMI and Women Mobilize Women are delighted to publish the third annual edition of Remarkable Women in Transport! We are especially grateful to the Remarkable Women in our network and the TUMI Partners for supporting us in identifying women who’ve made extraordinary contributions to transport.
Historically, urban and transport planners have failed to take gender aspects into consideration. A diverse workforce including various perspectives is essential to develop and implement gender-responsive mobility systems. While this publication is by no means all-encompassing of the thousands of women in transport who make great contributions everyday, we hope that these selected few inspire you in 2021.

Just browse and get inspired!

5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport

Women face different challenges when it comes to mobility, whether it is inlcusion, safety, accessibility or entering the workforce in the transport sector. How to cater the needs of women in transport?

Check out our 5 Principles Poster to Empower Women in Transport!


Since Women Mobilize Women was launched in Leipzig in May 2018 the idea has spread. So far there have been three Actions:

“You have a sisterhood of others who are working with you!”

Robin Chase, Co-founder of ZipCar


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Become Part and Design with us a new Movement!

Are you a transport woman expert who mobilizes or are you interested to join us in mobilizing women in transport? Design with us the Women Mobilize Movement and get in contact with us to mobilize women together!