Guide & Tookit: Increasing Access to Cycling Mobilities of Care

This document provides a step-by-step guide and set of tools to design and implement a programme to provide caregivers with the skills, experiences, and confidence necessary to cycle for transportation.

This guide and toolkit is designed to be used by governments, civil society organisations, and individuals looking to enable caregivers to start cycling, or cycle more frequently, for transportation, and to take advantage of the many benefits cycling provides.

It was made possible through the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, within the scope of the BYCS global initiative “Increasing Access to Cycling Mobilities of Care”(2022-2023). Its insights are based on three pilot programmes within this global initiative. These pilots took place in 2022 in Mexico City, implemented by Bicitekas, Istanbul, implemented by Chain Breaking Women, and Bengaluru, implemented by Purpose-Bengaluru Moving. The pilot programmes were funded and developed in partnership with BYCS, and provided cycling access and education opportunities to 100 women caregivers.