Gender Imbalance in the Transport Sector: A Toolkit for Change

This report was prepared by the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) Gender Working Group.

The document provides an insight into the challenges and opportunities women face when working in the transport sector. It is grounded in a review of published literature and primary data collection among a sample of men and women working in the sector. Based upon the evidence collected, the action-based toolkit produced from the findings offers an overview of the state of the art of women’s global employment in transport, including all modes and sectors of transport. It identifies five main areas or entry points where actions and measures could provide the most impact in accelerating gender balance. It also provides tools and case studies to inspire and bring about change.

The primary research findings for this study are based on the results of the online survey with 300 respondents representing all regions and disciplines, complemented with 27 interviews.1 The survey and interviews helped explore both women’s and men’s opinions and experiences of employment from an organizational and individual perspective. This includes views on the existing state of international and national policy frameworks and personal experiences of working in the transport sector. This analysis also explores the relationship between policy frameworks, workplace cultures, and positive action while examining the extent to which policy determines and influences women’s employment opportunities and experiences.